Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for

At Lethbridge SEO your privacy is of supreme importance.

We recognize the fact that you consider the privacy of your personal information very important and want to keep it safeguarded, as do we.

Here at we keep safe any information collected through log files or cookies, such as your IP address, ISP or type of web browser used, for example explorer or firefox.  According to our strict privacy rules, this information is never sold nor given away at any time for any reason to anyone.

Here at Lethbridge SEO we do not use third party advertisement to support our site.

If any changes are to be made in our privacy policy, found here on this page ““, notice will be posted to this page 30 days before such changes occur.

Sometimes changes must be made in order to curb the relentless onslaught of spam, including but not limited to disabling comments on blog posts.

We adhere to all principles and guidelines of Google’s transparency policy as outlined in the Google Privacy Policy.

This website and all the pages herein are hosted at

Any further questions regarding this policy can be addressed via email through our “Contact” page located here: (Contact page is still under construction)


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