Youtube should be an essential part of your Lethbridge SEO efforts to enhance your online presence.

You tube has come a long way since its birth only 5 years ago (as of writing this post.) It all began in 2005 when Paypal alums Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim began working on “Flickr or HotorNot for video.”

One of the first videos ever downloaded was a dance video done by Judson Laipply, called “The Evolution of Dance.” This very entertaining clip is a mash-up of 50 years of dance styles, and claims the prestige as the #1 viewed youtube video in history, raking up over 157 million views, and counting.

If you want a free 6 minutes of highly entertaining fun, go see Judson by clicking on his name.

Now, I am not implying that you have to do some song or dance routine and put it on Youtube to advertise your business or your website. I am just giving you some interesting background about Youtube, and then I will give you some pointers on using Youtube to grow your business.

In October of 2006, Google bought Youtube for $1.65 Billion.

That’s a lot of zeros. But the point is, Google recognized the potential of Youtube and what it would become in the internet marketing community and for all users worldwide.

I don’t think they’ve been disappointed in their investment.

If you happen to have done any research in marketing or even if you have just browsed search results looking for information, you may have noticed that Google loves to rank videos on their first page. Remember that Google caters to the user; its goal is to offer up to you the best possible results as it can for the search terms you entered.

We all like choices, so a search results page that has a variety of websites and video clips to choose from gives us a good search experience.

We as Lethbridge Marketing specialists, Lethbridge SEO experts, and owners of Lethbridge Websites should be utilizing video to our benefit.

If you are just starting out using video, a good place to begin is to turn a document into video. You do this by making a power point presentation from the document and then record your voice as the accompaniment. Upload to Youtube and embed on your site.

The next step would be to take a video of your business, both the storefront and some inside, and record your voice as the ‘tour guide’, so that the viewer can see your place and hear your voice. This makes the potential customer feel like they know you and like they’ve been there before. It starts warming them up to become a customer.

Of course, the very best video showcases you. That’s right, your customers want to see you. Research has shown that websites with video, and especially video with you talking, get more clicks and have a higher CTR (click through rate).

People love to see video. If you have a video with an interesting picture on your website, it will get more clicks than anything else on your website.

The power of Youtube’s site also gives you some link juice to boost your site up in the rankings.

So, if you have been putting off doing a video, now may be the time to re-think that.


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