Facebook and Lethbridge SEO for YOUR Business

When you hear the word Facebook, you might think social media, social networking, the latest fad for chatting with friends, or that site your teenager is on all day. If you are a Lethbridge Business owner, you really should look at Facebook as a very effective local marketing tool.

Did you know?

  • Facebook has more traffic than Google
  • You can have a Facebook fan page
  • You can run a Facebook contest
  • You can manage a Facebook group
  • You can create an official Facebook page that has its own URL
  • You can enable Facebook comments on your website’s blog posts
  • There are more than 500 Million facebook users
  • If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest by population in the world
  • Of the 500 million Facebook users, 50% are on Facebook EVERY SINGLE DAY! (Now there’s a statistic to make your head spin)

Did you know?

  • Facebook is introducing at least 4 new applications in 2011 (that I know of), including I-frames where you can embed your website and display it on your Facebook page?
  • Facebook advertising delivers highly targeted traffic at a fraction of the cost per click of Adwords.
  • With the proper SEO, your facebook page could actually outrank your site. (This needs to be done right; think ahead…)
  • Your Lethbridge Marketing plan cannot afford to ignore the marketing power of Facebook.

It’s probably fair to say that most of us get on facebook to see our friends, send a message to family, look at pictures of people we know- and people we don’t know. My teenagers get on there and instant message friends, do quizzes, play games, etc.

Here’s a challenge for you. If you thought facebook was only about checking your wall, answering messages and checking up on your friends, then the next time you are on facebook I want you to snoop around. And I mean REALLY snoop around. Scan the whole page. See what all the options are. Click on something you’ve never clicked on before and see where it takes you.

And by that, I don’t mean to randomly click on the ads. That would be click fraud and we don’t do that.

What I do want you to do is scroll down to the very bottom of your Facebook page. Do you see this:

I want you to explore each one of these links and learn as much as you can.
Okay, I think I have given you enough to do today. Enjoy this little exercise and stay tuned for more from Lethbridge SEO.

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