Recently Microsoft’s search engine received a new name, Bing. It has a new look, too. With an injection of $80 Million Dollars in Marketing and a commitment to solid relevancy plus some new features, Bing is definitely a search engine to watch.

While Bing has some commonalities with its predecessor Live Search, its the differences and the enhanced userability that are definitely the plus here.

According to Greg Sterling, Google is in no danger, at least in the near future, of being overtaken by either Yahoo or Bing. In fact Google outranks both together in number of completed searches. That in no way implies that Google is the overall winner in every area. There are features, gadgets and additional search tools available on these three search engine giants that are worth looking into.

A diligent searcher and a diligent Lethbridge marketer both should know these search engines inside and out, and get familiar with what qualities in a website that each search engine would rank you highly for. A good Lethbridge SEO specialist would be well-versed in all three of these main search engines, plus two others.

In fact, news this past week is that there is another search that has finally overtaken Google in number of completed searches. Funny part is, it’s not even a real search engine.

You may be wondering or you may have already guessed correctly. The search utility that has overtaken Google is Facebook.

Another huge rival for number of searches is by yet another entity that is not a search engine. Again, you may be way ahead of me, but here it is: You Tube.

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