Search Engines for Lethbridge SEO

A Lethbridge SEO expert would be targeting several search engines to get high rankings for your website.  There are actually hundreds of search engines, but most of the searches done daily around the world are accomplished using the big three: Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is estimated that Google captures over 70% of all internet searches worldwide, with Yahoo coming in just under 15% followed by Bing with just under 10%. Trailing behind is Ask with 2% and AOL search claims a mere 1%. The remaining 2% is spread thinly over dozens of other tiny search engines.

Today the highlight of this topic will be the popular search engine giant, Google.

Google is a mighty search engine, claiming a whopping 70% of the global search pie. Google started out in 1997 as the brainchild of two College buddies, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google started life with the name Backrub, but after some brainstorming, Larry and Sergey settled on the name Google, which is a variation of the word googol. Googol refers to the number which is the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeros. (Now that’s a lot of zeros!)

This large number, the googol, is a representation of Larry and Sergey’s dream to organize an almost infinite amount of information on the world wide web.

Google quickly made a name for itself as a search engine which delivered very relevant results to the search terms entered, as well as an efficient way for merchants to showcase their advertising online.

Google has sure come a long way since those early days, moved a few times, hired a few more employees (try 20,000 worlwide!), and is available in many languages across the globe. Visit this link for an interesting timeline of Google Milestones.

Each search engine uses a different formula to determine which websites will show up in the listings. You have probably noticed that you will get a different page of results if you put exactly the same search term into each search engine and then compare what they give you for results on the first page.

The search engines do not publicly announce how their formula works, what it entails, what qualities in a website are most important, nor any other details. However, you can get a good idea for what they prefer by studying search engine results.

Some people even conduct little experiments with google to see how their website is treated in the search results with regard to age of domain, number of backlinks, type and quality of sitemap, how much social buzz your website has created, and many other factors. This study of how search engines rank websites on their results page, and therefore what to do to enhance your website’s standings in the results listings, has been named Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

Lethbridge business owners, did you know that you can do things yourself to boost your website in the search rankings as well as hiring an SEO expert to take care of the details and keep your site maintained in the rankings? Here are two things you can do today:

1) Submit your site to free local listings. Even if your site doesn’t get traffic from these directories, it provides you with an additional backlink. Here’s one: Canada’s local directory.

2) Become a member of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce and get your business website listed locally under the industry you belong to.

See previous post Integrity SEO for information on honest business practice.


2 responses to “Search Engines for Lethbridge SEO

  1. Hi,

    Since your article touched on Google and the Lethbridge audience here are the Google stats for Canada and those from my Lethbridge marketing research. The Lethbridge numbers in the research are skewed to over representation of higher income and higher age.

    “The usage of Internet search engines in Lethbridge is very similar to the Canadian average.

    86% of survey respondents reported using Google, 10% reported using Bing/Microsoft, while 5% use Yahoo.

    The Canadian average is 83% Google, 6% Bing/Microsoft, 5% Yahoo, and 6% other.”



  2. Thanks for sharing your research results with us. It further emphasizes the need for marketers to pay attention to Google.

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